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About igokids


The mission of igokids is to be the go-to resource for parents, families and caregivers about everything kid related in New York City and beyond.

"Kids don't come with owner's manuals," it is so often said to describe the challenges of being a new parent. True, kids don't. But there are lots of books you can buy that show you how to change a diaper or how to sleep train or how you're supposed to deal with a two year old's tantrum (lollipops seem to work best). But what about the important questions like:

  • Where can we bring a (well behaved) baby to dinner and still have a civilized meal (you know, one that maybe involves just a little bit of French wine)?
  • Which mommy-and-me (or nanny-and-me) class does the absolute best rendition of the "clean up song?"
  • Which tutoring company guarantees a Harvard (or Dalton) acceptance?
  • Where's the least expensive place to get a dozen giant Elmo party balloons?
  • Which city playground has the cleanest sandbox?

These are the kinds of questions that keep parents up at night (okay, the screaming kid contributes too). Yet, there are surprisingly few good resources to figure out these answers.

Enter igokids. A new site that we hope will grow, through user reviews and recommendations, into the most user friendly and valuable place to discover kid friendly restaurants and activities, shopping and services, classes and clean sandboxes.

We love feedback. In fact we need feedback. Tell us what you like and don't like and contact us with any comments, complaints, questions or suggestions.