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Blog Archives - October 2012

Halloween Happenings and Kid Places Open Today - Wed 10/31  
We hope you are safe and sound after the storm. Here is a short list of some places that will be OPEN today Wednesday, October 31st. Most all museums are closed. NYC parks, playgrounds and recreation programs are all closed.

Please also check below for Halloween events still happening this afternoon.

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Halloween Weekend Family Events - October 27 and October 28  
Tights, Makeup, Action! It's Halloween showtime. Get your little ghouls and goblins set to party all weekend long. It doesn't have to be daunting to do your haunting and flaunting. We've got our weekend picks for you! Clearly my career as a rapper will never take off. But I can still dress up like one for Halloween. We wish everyone a safe, happy and dry Halloween weekend and hopefully we won't get a visit from Hurricane Sandy, aka "frankenstorm."
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Weekend Family Events - October 20 and October 21  
In case you missed it this week, French president Francois Hollande recently announced a proposal to ban homework. Even though we at igokids don't yet have children old enough for homework, we like this idea. We as parents are not looking forward to late nights gluing dioramas, proofreading book reports and relearning all about isosceles triangles (actually, we're not sure we learned it the first time). So, Mayor Bloomberg will you please jump on the no homework bandwagon?

Speaking of homework, we've done yours for you. Check out our A+ listings of all of the great events going on this weekend. There's even a bunch of festivals hosted by some of our city's great public schools.

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Weekend Family Events - October 13 and October 14  
What do you use to fix a hole in a jack-o'-lantern? A pumpkin patch!
What is a pumpkin's favorite sport? Squash!
What did the angry jack-o'-lantern say to the pumpkin? Cut it out!

In case you haven't guessed, the theme for this week is pumpkins. There are lots of pumpkin related activities and festivals going on this weekend. So grab your kids and a no longer sold out venti pumpkin spiced latte (which btw, contains no pumpkin) and explore all that the big pumpkin, I mean, big apple, has to offer.

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Columbus Day Family Events  
Happy Long Weekend NYC! Explore and set sail on fun adventures with your family this Monday. Here's a quick round up of some great family events that are happening on Columbus Day.
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Weekend Family Events - October 6 and October 7  
For why! Oh Mitt Romney couldn't you just say Antiques Roadshow, or Nova. But alas, you went with Big Bird. Don't you know he has powerful friends - like Snuffleupagus? Or maybe Romney was just referring to the 47% of muppets who are on the dole (c'mon, have you ever seen anyone ever pay for anything at Hooper's store?) And just to show that we at igokids have no political convictions whatsoever, what was up with Obama? He was about as inspired as Bert at a bottle cap and paper clip convention.

In any case, enough with the Sesame Street jokes. Check out all of the great family events going on this weekend. And given the 3-day holiday weekend, look for our special roundup of Monday's Columbus Day events coming on Sunday.

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