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Blog Archives - May 2012

Monkey Business - Where to See Animals in NYC  
Almost everything in the Big Apple is packed into small spaces. Including us, the families and the kids. Sometimes there's boundless energy and not enough space or hours in the day to contain it all. We're like a bunch of monkeys in a barrel. Just like monkeys, that need to swing free, there are many different animals we use to associate to our kids.

When they're loud, they're like roaring lions.
When they're sloppy, they're like little piglets.
When they wake up cranky, they're like bear cubs.
When they jump on their beds, they're yep, you guessed it, like little monkeys!

So instead of yelling at them, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" Let's set off into this concrete jungle and show them some of the amazing places in NYC and Brooklyn featuring all sorts of exciting real, and even not so real, animals.

That way you can put your octopus arms to rest while you're kids enjoy the view.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2012  
Memorial Day, which was originally called Decoration Day, is a day we honor the men and women who have died in military service for the United States.

And since Memorial Day is a federal holiday parents need to prepare, because the kids are off and lots of establishments will be closed, leaving us left wondering what we can do to keep busy.

Memorial Day has come to mean so many different things to people. It's become the official start of summer for most and also an acceptable time to begin to "wear white". And it's become a time for radio stations to play the greatest hits all weekend long, counting down to the big "#1", (which fortunately involves a few Beatles classics in the top ten.)

Let's get this summer party started shall we?! Here's our round up of some terrific activities for this Memorial Day weekend.

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