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Blog Archives - February 2013

Weekend Family Events - February 23  and February 24  
This weekend is filled with lots of fun parties and events. A bunch of the events are focused around Purim, which can be thought of as the Jewish Halloween. This holiday lets everyone get dressed up in costumes, play fun games, eat treats and make lots of noise. Speaking of costumes and fun there's also a new ballet, a gymnastics competition and a superhero drawing workshop this weekend. So bring your tutu, your leotard and your utility belt and enjoy this weekend's picks.
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Weekend Family Events - February 16 and February 17  
Hear Ye, Hear Ye let's all travel back to yesteryear with some English sword dancing and past president celebrating. Let freedom ring with the great leaders of the past and honor the great leaders of right now, ahem that would be you. The leader of your family. Guide your family to "equal fun for all" this weekend. This weekend's events provide cheese filled fun, Mardi Gras parties, Lunar New Year celebrations and much more. Here are this weekend's picks.
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Weekend Family Events - February 9 and February 10  
This weekend combine the Year of the Snake and Valentine's day and you will get some ssserious sssnake love going on. You like what I did there with the 's' sounds don't you? Just getting into the ssspirit. There are some fun family rock concerts along with the celebration of the Lunar New Year and Valentine's parties all over NYC. Here are this weekend's picks. And given the possible sssnow coming, stay warm, safe and please make sure to double check all events in case of weather cancellation.
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Weekend Family Events - February 2 and February 3  
Having braved some crazy super cold weather last week, we're all ready for the groundhog to come out and tell us that some warmer weather is on its way, no? The Staten Island Zoo is having a special event to celebrate Groundhog Day, there's your chance to grab the little guy! And if the warmer weather isn't on its way, you can warm up after you make your rounds to the fun things going on this weekend. The BAMkids Film Festival is celebrating it's 15th year with an all-star showcase of films, shorts and live performances. The Brooklyn Children's Museum is offering some free admission hours this weekend and the New York Hall of Science has a fun skateboarding and action sports exhibit to check out. And don't forget that the "big game" is Sunday, which also marks the end of football season. Sad for some of you, happy for others. And don't forget the halftime show. To lip sync or not to lip sync. That is the question...
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