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Event calendar: Friday, August 30th

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A few tips for searching igokids:

igokids has powerful search capabilities that allow you to search for the name of a place, neighborhood, address, category, date and time of an event and child's age in the search bar (all at once!)

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  • Try rephrasing your search terms and check for any mispellings
  • You can include a place's full name or any part of the name
  • Neighborhood can include the full neighborhood name (e.g. 'upper east side'), abbreviations (e.g. 'ues'), broader areas (e.g. 'downtown') and narrower areas (e.g. 'e 70s')
  • Addresses can include full addresses, street and street abreviations (e.g. 'Lexington Ave' or 'lex') and zip codes
  • You can also search for places near common landmarks (e.g. 'diners near times square')
  • Categories and cuisines may include things like 'ballet classes', 'toy store', 'italian restaurant' or 'pizza'
  • You can search for restaurant features such as meals ('breakfast', 'lunch', 'brunch', 'dinner') and other kid related features ('kid friendly', 'kids menu' and 'outdoor seating')
  • You can also include the age of a child to narrow down the search results by typing ages (e.g. '18 month old', '4 yo') or age terms (e.g. 'newborn', 'toddler', 'teen')
  • Events can be searched for using combinations of words like 'today', 'weekend', 'tuesday', '3:00pm' or 'afternoon'
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