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Infinity Preschool

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Neighborhood: Marine Park / Gerritsen Beach1972 E 34th St (At Avenue S) Brooklyn, NY 11234(718) 336-1981
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Our 2-3 or 3-4, class is full of fun and exciting experiences for young children. Through fun and excitement, we help the children develop social skills that will help them learn to get along with others. Music is an important part of our program. The children learn many things through music.Infinity Preschool is fun and exciting. Our children enjoy being in preschool.

Summer Camp
Limited seats are available!

The Universal Pre-Kindergarten class is funded by the NYCDOE. 2 1/2 hours free to all children. For the school year 2012-2013 children must have been born in the year 2008. Our curriculum is child-centered. We follow a thematic approach.
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Anna M Anna M
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1 star rating October 30, 2014

Infinity Preschool came recommended as 'the best' school in the Marine Park area. After touring the school and meeting with my son's future teacher, Miss Patricia, I decided to sign up for the summer 2014 and the 2014-2015 school year. My husband and I were pleased with the developmental progress our two year old son was making there.

One day, after I picked him up, I noticed he had an injury on his chest that looked like a prick with a sharp needle-like object and his t-shirt had white symmetrical circles in the same spot as the injury which appeared to have been sprayed on(a stain remover to get rid of blood most likely). When I asked his teacher, Miss Patricia about it, her immediate response was, 'What do you think happened?'. I thought that was a strange answer coming from a teacher to a worried parent. Furthermore, Miss Patricia told me that she is not aware of anything happening to my son on that particular day.

After being lied to by Miss Patricia and her assistant, Miss Karen, my trust in these individuals and the school had been broken and I couldn't leave my son under their watch any longer. When I told Miss Wendy, the administrative associate of the school, that he will not be attending in the coming school year because of this incident, instead of being concerned, she attacked me verbally over the phone.

My son had to undergo an intravenous blood test to make sure he did not contract HIV, Hepatitis B or C among other diseases, from the needle-like object that came into contact with his blood.

There were other instances of neglect I've witnessed at Infinity Preschool: one girl's pacifier fell on the playground floor and the teachers just picked it up and placed it back in her mouth without as much as rinsing it; on a different occasion a toddler wandered all the way to the open door of the front entrance, and the teachers who were watching him, didn't come running, they had no idea he was gone!

When I signed up my son at Infinity Preschool I was excited that he can learn and develop in a safe environment. However, the staff at Infinity Preschool has proven to be incompetent and inexperienced at watching children, and the school's administration has shown to lack the ethics and the professionalism to take responsibility for their mistakes.

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