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International Christian School

Neighborhood: Prospect Park South / Kensington312 Coney Island Ave (At Caton Pl) Brooklyn, NY 11218(718) 436-4971
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Description:Our school is a ministry of International Baptist Church and is designed to help families rear their children for Christian service. Our approach is a complementary one. God has established the family as the principle entity to train children, with the church serving as a second platform of spiritual training and leadership development for the family. The Christian school provides a third source of godly influence. This arrangement is only truly successful if the direction being set by all three is in agreement.

The beliefs that we held most dear and upon which we based our lives were being circumvented by the public schools. It was unrealistic to expect that a public school would, or could, teach and instill into our young people our Christian values. Because of this, International Christian School was founded.

The basic concepts of International Christian School are Christian in character. We believe the Bible to be the living Word of God, and that it is our duty to teach our young people the precepts of Christian living. The highest gains in knowledge and wisdom will come as we apply Christian principles and live according to the commandments of God.
Appropriate for: Grades: Pre-k - 12th grade
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