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United Taekwondo Center

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Neighborhood: Williamsburg / Greenpoint653 Grand St (Btwn Leonard St & Manhattan Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11211(718) 384-8700
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Hours:Mon 12pm-9pm
Tues 12pm-9pm
Wed 12pm-9pm
Thurs 12pm-9pm
Fri 12pm-9pm
Sat 9am-3pm
Sun Closed
Description:Our goal at United Taekwondo Center is to provide high quality martial arts programs for children, adults, and families. The programs are designed to instill confidence, respect, and discipline in students to help them reach their maximum potential. We teach students to build a healthy balance between mind and body through the spirit of Taekwondo. Ultimately, we strive to help each student succeed in every aspect of life, including school, work, and home.

We have been the leading Tae Kwon Do training center since 2000 in the tri-state area, with 15 convenient locations. The class schedules are flexible, so we can almost always accomodate your busy schedule. Most importantly, we encourage a positive learning environment to help students and families make the most of their experience at United Taekwondo.
Appropriate for: Ages: 2 - 18 years
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Kim L Kim L
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1 star rating March 20, 2015

I told Master / Sensei Olga when I enrolled my son in the free trial class around Sept 2013 of my family situation. We were a displaced family from our home on graham ave and forced into homelessness. I was a commercial maintence supervisor and diagnosed with LUPUS and was laid off and my husband was a janitor with ABM at WORLD TRADE CENTER 7 also laid off. My son was going to school PS 132 just a few walking blocks from the United Tae Kwon Do Center. Department of homeless service and PATH put us in a shelter in a shady area of Harlem. With the hopes that DHS & PATH would relocate us back to a shelter back to bklyn near Williamsburg so that my son wouldn't have to change elementary schools. My husband decided to keep my son @ PS 132 and commute (3 crowded trains too & from) cause the schools by shelter were failing schools. Since the center was close to his school we enrolled my son enjoyed it even though it was hard financially. Unfortunately in June 2014 the shelter decided they could not accommodate us and that we would have to remain in Manhattan. My son was pulled from his school and Tae Kwon Do. He was enrolled in the under performing elementary located directly across from the shelter PS 192. It was simply too far to travel just for tae kwon do. There is no center near our shelter. I told Master Olga before signing the contract that I wasn't sure how long I could keep my son enrolled due to unforseen circumstances. She assured me I wouldn't be penalized and it clearly states in their contract if I am out of their radius and no center near my new residence that I would be let out contract. I provided proof of residency etc. I was billed for June, July and August even though my son didn't take one lesson. I wrote letters to their billing management service ( Amerinational 407-895-1996 800-683-1210 ) My husband spoke in July 2014 to reinerate to please stop calling us asking if my son is coming back and stop billing us for services no rendered. He explained our situation. She had empathy and advised us to keep contacting their billing dept. To This day 3-20-15 I am harassed with their billing dept reps calling trying to bill me for the entire value of the balance contract $3,168.00 + late fees. And funny thing just 2 days ago someone from center called inquiring when my son will be coming back. Lmfao! SMH! We are in a situation of tremendous stress and This situation did not help. Master Olga only interested in making $ making an upgrade sale, etc. She'll yes you to death lie to your face to get you to sign that contract get that $.

Only reason they get 1 star is for the few teacher s that trained my son helping graduate to a green belt. Or I would of gave them NADA, NOTHING , ZILCH! So now I am going to seek all my options to make people aware from social media to word of mouth to goverment agencies.

There are no scheduled events.

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