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Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center

5 star rating 6 reviews
Neighborhood: Chelsea / Midtown South109 W 27th St (Studio 2B) (Btwn 6th Ave & 7th Ave) New York, NY 10001(212) 242-7308
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Description:A non belt Martial Arts system focus on discipline, good health,self-control
and accomplishment.
Appropriate for: Ages: 6 - 18 years
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Shirley H Shirley H
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5 star rating July 24, 2018

So, if you're here, you must be either new to this or still undecided. Well, I'm here to tell you that you can throw away any doubts. Seriously!

My girls, 10 and 11, drove me insane to join the Shaolin Kungfu Training Center. We had gone to see one of their amazing performances. They were hooked! So we tried it. Even though, it was after school, even though we live in Brooklyn and homework was done riding the train, even though it got cold and hot, we tried it! What they were taught from the 1st class had me. There was discipline, focus, resistance, fun and persistence. It was challenging just to look at. I loved seeing my girls get into it. They grew stronger, limber. These classes even changed their attitude and their school work. Shimu Arlene's teachings went well beyond the Center.

Unfortunately, we moved out of state. But for one good year, my girls received the best of all activities, which also brought out the best in them. They made friends and the Center always finds a way to bring the whole family together. Whether you need an afterschool or a Summer activity, the Shaolin Kungfu Training Center will definitely keep you and yours satisfied.

Brenda B Brenda B
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5 star rating March 15, 2015

I could not recommend the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center more highly! I went looking for an activity to develop my 15-year-old's physical strength and agility and discovered a warm and supportive community that nurtures his self-esteem. The teachers Shifu Hengxin and Shimu Arlene are the real deal. Shifu lived and trained in the Shaolin Monastery in China for many years and has a serious but warm demeanor. Shimu has extensive training in kung fu, tae kwon do, and dance, as well as irrepressible energy and enthusiasm. They complement each other's personality's and teaching styles, and both believe in the uniqueness and unlimited potential of each of their students. One of the things I love is that the Center is noncompetitive—no tests or belts—and youth classes integrate students from ages 6 to 16. This allows students to learn from each other, to develop at their own pace, to and measure their progress against their own goals. This has made all the difference for my son, who has a physical condition that causes weakness on this right side, affecting balance, speed and strength. From the very first class they knew just when to give a little extra guidance or to be a more flexible in their expectations and when to set the bar as high as their did for all the kids. I have watched his strength and confidence grow in ways I couldn't have imagined. His pride in his accomplishments drives him to push himself to work harder. It is the only physical activity that he has been able to or wanted to stick with. Special events at the center have become bonding activities between adult and youth students and between students and families--from performance showcases, to celebrations of Thanksgiving and Chinese New Years to family fun days in Central Park. I hope the Center will continue to be a home for my son for many years and that kung fu will continue to support his physical and emotional development as he moves from youth to adult training. If you have any questions or want to hear more, contact me at

Martine D Martine D
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5 star rating June 11, 2013

My daughter started at the center almost 2 years ago and she loves it and I love it. The workout is amazing. the team is outstanding and a perfect blend of discipline and fun. Shimu and Shifu are the perfect combination, i could not rave more about this place. It is rare to find this kind of jem in NYC. i could not be Happier.

Anton W Anton W
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5 star rating September 11, 2012

We will give the school the highest rating because of the non-competitive but life teaching approach that Shimu and Shifu both use. Our son has attended class for over 5 years and is now a member of the adult class. He attended class 6 times per week this summer. He could not complete a single push up when he started and now routinely completes over 20 during the class. The school has transformed him to a strong young man influenced by the schools life lessons that have given him confidence and strength. When you have examples of gentleness and strength in Shimu and Shifu, you can apply this to your own life. Their physical prowess is astounding. There is no better way to learn.

Sylvia W Sylvia W
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5 star rating July 12, 2012

We LOVE it here!! That is, my 8 year old daughter is the one who has been taking the Youth classes, while I come to pick her up and soak up the vibes this place gives off. They are incredible! The work they do -- the actual training and conditioning and stretching -- is pretty serious stuff, in a very good sense. Although we've only been with them (twice a week) for about a month now, my daughter's strength and endurance has noticeably increased along with her confidence and coordination. Plus, she's always got this huge smile on her face after class when she regales me with everything they've practiced that day. She is so proud of the work she is doing with Shaolin! Shimu Arlene keeps the atmosphere warm and inclusive while encouraging her kids to give the exercises their all. What a fantastic experience!!

Joseph B Joseph B
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5 star rating June 10, 2012

The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is a rare and special place for children to begin their martial arts study. Master Hengxin, a 35th generation Shaolin disciple, and Shimu Arlene, opened the Center 11 years ago, seeking to expand the rich cultural tradition of Shaolin Kung Fu here in New York.

To this end, they have a fabulous children's program! Indeed, over the years, their earliest youth students have now grown up into extraordinarily talented young martial artists..

Our oldest daughter, 12, and our son,10, have been training at the Center for over five years, now three days a week. Our youngest daughter, almost seven, has been training for over a year. And, because of the undeniably beneficial effects of Shaolin, for the past year my wife and I have also been training there, three times a week, every week. On Sunday, we train together with the kids and it's an awesome time together!

The workouts are excellent, building flexibility, endurance and strength over time. The classes involve learning Shaolin techniques and forms, though repetition of fundamental principals such as stance and structure. Master Hengxin and Shimu Arlene build students' character through hard work and discipline, and expect students to do their best every class. There is no sparring and no belt system, everyone is treated with respect and equality, and the environment is very warm and family oriented.

The Center offers a free introductory class, which you can call to arrange. Try it, the kids--no, all of you--will love it!

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