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Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo of NYC

1 star rating 2 reviews
Neighborhood: New York City New York, NY(646) 820-3656
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Description:Welcome to Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo of New York City! We have been teaching the ninja and samurai combat arts of the Bujinkan in NYC since 1994, with an emphasis on applying ninjutsu in the modern world. Students learn a practical martial art that has survived centuries of warfare in Japan and is adaptable for the needs of New Yorkers. In addition to our classes and seminars, we also offer articles and other resources on this site to enhance the training of Bujinkan students and other martial artists.

With classes in 5 locations in NYC across 3 boroughs, we have plenty of training options with our experienced instructors.
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Justin S Justin S
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1 star rating November 30, 2017

This dojo is absolutely terrible.The Head instructor is abusive racist and a lazy alcoholic on a powertrip go somewhere else.

Justin S Justin S
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1 star rating November 28, 2017

This dojo is absolute shit. It's the classical case of "All that glitters isn't Gold". I feel sorry I was so naive, and made such a bad choice and didn't try other dojos before I wasted years of my life in this place. I was very unlucky to run into this dojo. Attend this dojo if you want a bad start at Martial arts and want to relearn everything. Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo really spoiled and nearly ruined my first martial arts experience especially with something as unique as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Jeff Christian is a terrible representative of the art and should be banned from the Organization. The instructor Jeff Christian is a useless 15th dan with over 30 years of useless piss poor flawed training. Jeff Christian is an abusive alcoholic with issues and he is racist against African Americans, and he will claim he isn't because some of his students are of African Descent. One night he said all black people are lazy and make excuses for their economic condition in America.You won't get good training in this dojo it is racially biased. I was rejected and cast out for no reason at all other than questioning his teaching methodology of which I didn't agree with. I have been blacklisted and my character defamed all because of his mind control and influence over individuals within the Martial Arts Organization. The most negative experience of my entire life. Jeff Christian doesn't care about his students. Jeff threatens students with physical violence to attain the results he desires primarily the ones of color. On one occasion one long time student Tina Zimmer was physically assaulted outside of class and Jeff showed little remorse during class for her condition. I actually thought when I went to another school that I was receiving good training because my life wasn't being threatened and I wasn't being hit with sticks repeatedly in the hands or kicked in the stomach repeatedly during exercise and that I was receiving good training because I wasn't being abused on a regular basis. Most Instructors outside of his dojo actively training in the Bujinkan can attest to his teaching ability or lack thereof. Jeff told us himself on a number of occasions that he didn't know what he was doing his first ten years prior to attaining his 5th Degree black belt in Japan that he tried to rectify by training with Oguri Sensei. Jeff's severe lack of Knowledge is apparent in his failure to instruct without yelling and threatening to hit everyone. You shouldn't have to hit students to get your point across. Not only should The dojo be closed down Jeff Christian should be brought up on charges for Physical abuse towards students. The instructors can't even do the basics of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Correctly. All you will get is poor instruction and lowered self esteem. Luckily I found another dojo and the quality is much better and the people are actually genuine skilled practitioners that is actually worth my time and energy. Don't bother wasting your time and energy on this lame sorry excuse for a Martial Arts school. It's just a really really bad school. The people are toxic, rotten and the training is off. I have nothing positive to say about the dojo because everything about the school environment is negative. I would suggest anyone serious about martial arts to avoid this school shop around and seek quality instruction elsewhere. Jeff Christian has already read my review and is actively doing damage control trying to manipulate students into writing false reviews and make himself appear blameless and faultless to defraud the martial arts community and people seeking out his business. If you notice most students writing the reviews are in his good graces and come from affluent families and are impressionable and under his influence. Jeff can make me out to be the embittered, angry ex student but it won't make his or his students skills effective in a real life combat situation. Jeff's skills are laughable and only work on compliant non resisting students who are hungry for rank promotion. People can go and train with him despite not heeding my warning, but they will incur the same poor training, victimization that I had to endure on a daily. Attend this dojo if you want to spent time relearning the basic material. People will still go and visit him and make up their minds regardless of what I say. I speak from experience. Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo taught me what to avoid in a martial arts school. There are definitely more qualified instructors in New York if you Look hard enough But I would just save my money and go to Hatsumi Masaaki in Japan directly which wasn't a viable option for me which is why I attended this school. I wouldn't risk your time, money and self esteem on this dojo. I went to find balance and literally showed up to every class to get abused. Buyer Beware.

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