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Themba Tutors

Neighborhood: New York City New York, NY 11231(917) 382-8641
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Description:Themba Tutors offers professional tutoring services, for all ages, in the convenience of your NYC home. Our learning specialists specialize in learning differences, e.g. ADHD, autism spectrum, language processing difficulties, and we help our clients develop the necessary skills and strategies in all core school subjects and with test preparation, e.g. SAT, ACT, etc. We also offer college counseling services and adult services.Appropriate for: Ages: 3 - 18 years
Categories and features:
  • Tutoring and Test Prep
    • ADHD and Special Needs Programs
    • English
    • Math
    • Reading and Writing
    • Science
    • Test Prep
      • ACT
      • ISEE
      • PSAT
      • Regents
      • SAT
      • SHSAT
      • SSAT
    • Tutoring Features: Home Tutoring Available

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