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New York City

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Best Places for Families and Children on the Upper West Side: West 80s  
Many New Yorkers consider the West 80s the heart of the Upper West Side. This iconic neighborhood has just as many residents as it does businesses and it’s always bustling with people with plenty of things to do. There are a number of attractions, stores, restaurants, playgrounds and indoor spaces to keep you busy and coming back time after time. Read more
Best Places for Families and Children on the Upper West Side: West 70s  
For most born and bred city dwellers, the Upper West Side truly does not begin until you’re in the West 70s. And for those same die-hard New Yorkers, the West 70s have become more like Times Square North rather than the cozy, quaint neighborhood of yesteryear. Regardless, for families looking for activities to keep their young ones busy while giving them a true sense of a historical NYC neighborhood, there are a number of must-sees in this part of the borough that make this neighborhood very desirable, from top-rated restaurants and bakeries to great play spaces in both Central and Riverside Parks and the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. Following are some of my favorites of the area. Read more
Best Places for Families and Children on the Upper West Side: West 60s  
One of New York City’s most popular neighborhoods is the Upper West Side. Each section can sometimes feel like its own city within the city. A lot of born-and-bred New Yorkers will tell you that the Upper West Side technically doesn’t begin until you get into the West 70s, but many say it begins on West 60th at Columbus Circle. I’m in the latter group! I love this neighborhood, referred to in real estate lingo as the Lincoln Center area, mainly because Lincoln Center is located in the middle of the neighborhood. You have a nice mix of what I’ll call traditional and cultural New York City landmarks, great indoor spaces, the beginning of Central Park, as well as family-oriented restaurants and shops. Read more
12 Family Fun Purim Celebrations Around New York City  
It’s that time of year again. Dressing up like kings and queens with crowns, scepters, masks and robes. Celebrating with family, friends and food. No, not Mardi Gras–Purim! Like most religions, there’s always one celebration that brings out the kid in everyone and for Jewish people it’s Purim. But Purim is more than just a big party; it’s a celebration of Queen Esther and her plan that foiled the destruction of the Jewish empire. And what better way to commemorate this historic moment in time than to rejoice with festivals, carnivals, costume balls, concerts, and of course, food. Here are 12 family fun celebrations happening all over New York City to help mark the occasion–and the whole Megillah (Yiddish for a very long, involved story)! Read more
A Busy Mom’s Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 - Part 6: Out of Town Camps  
Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding times in your child’s life. When choosing the perfect day camp for your child one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is when it’s time to put them on a bus and send them out of town, especially when they’re still in preschool and there are so many great options locally. For some parents, the thought of their young child riding a bus to and from a camp outside of New York City every day is a bit daunting, but for others, they can’t wait for them to have this experience. Read more
A Busy Mom’s Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 -  Part 5: Specialty Day Camps  
Introducing some focus to your child's summer might peak your kid's interest in certain summer camps. There are a variety of themed camps that specialize in art, science, culinary arts and even literary pursuits. We have rounded up a few specialty camps that might get your children excited about the upcoming summer.
Read more
A Busy Mom's Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 - Part 4: Sports Day Camps  
While sports-related activities and sports-only summer camp options are available at most general interest camps around the city such as Asphalt Green, the YMCA, the 92nd and 14th Street Ys, sometimes a sports-only camp is the best route to take for your active child. Fortunately, New York City is full of athletic camps that will keep kids active and parents happy all summer long! Read more
A Busy Mom's Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 - Part 3: Pre-School Day Camps  
Preschool day camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn a lot of new skills, have fun and make new friends. In addition, summer day camps will prepare your little guy or gal for the real thing, preschool in the fall. Luckily there are plenty of options available. 
Read more
A Busy Mom's Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 - Part 2: General Interest Day Camps  
New York City offers a variety of summer day camp options throughout Manhattan for preschoolers, grade school kids and even high school students. These include general interest camps, sports camps and other specialty camp programs.

If you’re looking for a camp that offers arts and crafts, sports, field trips and more, all in one place, you’re in luck as there are several places that fit the bill. These camps typically run 8-week, 6-week, 4-week and 2-week programs, and many have a week-by-week option too.
Read more
A Busy Mom's Guide to New York City Summer Day Camps 2014 - Part 1: How to Choose the Best Camp for You and Your Child  
Even though it’s about 14 degrees outside, believe it or not, New York City parents are already thinking about summer camp. In fact, some parents have already locked in their kid's spot, but don’t worry, there is still time. If this is your first time sending your little one off to summer day camp you probably have a world of questions, specifically, “Where do I start?” Following are some great tips and questions you need to ask to help make the process a little less scary and a lot less painful. Read more
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