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Keeping Your Cool This Summer: Pools, Splash Parks, and More  
With temperatures beginning to climb–and weeks to go until your family heads out of town on vacation–grab your bathing suit and towel and check out these outdoor adventures this summer. Although we live in an urban jungle for most of the year, come summer, our city is full of options for getting wet and having fun. From pools to splash parks to twisting and turning water slides, here are our recommendations for the summer ahead. Read more
How to Choose Childcare in NYC  
Choosing a care-giver can be complicated, challenging, and emotional. Doing so while living far away from family–as many New Yorkers do–and while living in a city that offers options galore can be especially difficult.

With help from SmartSitting, a relatively new babysitter and nanny placement service in the city, we’re here to set you up for success as you make this very important decision.
Read more
Keeping Kids Learning This Summer  
As kids all over the city–and their parents–count down the days until the end of the school year and the start of summer, some parents have more than barbeques, s’mores, and bug spray on their to-do lists. Indeed, based on research which shows the average child loses one to three months’ worth of learning in both math and reading during the summer months, more parents are asking themselves how to prevent learning-loss and, ideally, how to keep their little students on a path towards academic excellence until school resumes in the fall. Read more
Urgent Care: When You Should Go  
It’s a situation almost every New York City parent has experienced: It’s 8 pm on a Friday night, your child spikes a fever, and you want a doctor to have a look, “just in case”. Or perhaps it’s a Monday morning, you have a day full of meetings, and cringe at the thought of waiting in your pediatrician’s waiting room–along with every other child who got sick over the weekend–for an hour, or longer. Read more
Top 9 Independent Toy Stores in Manhattan  
When Planet Kids, a mainstay of the Upper West Side for 28 years, closed its doors earlier this month, many neighborhood parents were left without a place to buy those last minute birthday gifts, replacement sippy cups, and travel-friendly umbrella stories. Of course, many of us rely on and, among others, for most of our child-related purchases–a likely reason for Planet Kids’ closing–but no website can replace the independent businesses which anchor our neighborhoods, at least not entirely. Read more
What to Expect When Child Number Two Arrives  
When you bring your first child home, you’re convinced that no other life event could ever rock your world in such a profound way. That is, until you bring home your second child and realize that 1+1 equals way more than two! Read more
Celebrating Spring All Around NYC  
As we dig out of a long–long!–winter in New York City, most of us are tempted to throw open the windows, pack up our down coats, and send the kids to the playground until fall arrives. As you and your family transition into this new season–one of renewal, fresh air, longer days, and warm sunshine–here are a few of our favorite must-see places for spring. Read more
Around the City via 7 Countries: Family-Friendly International Flavors  
Once your kids stop throwing food on the floor–thus freeing you from eating out only in busy diners–the city is full of restaurants serving food from around the globe. This spring, take a trip around the world–no passport required–by visiting some of our favorite international restaurants, all of which have space for families and welcome them with open arms. Read more
Parents Guide to Real Estate: To Rent or To Buy?  
To rent or to buy, that is the question. It’s a debate that rages at cocktail parties, preschool drop-off, and in the Starbucks line and it’s one that many families wrestle with as they find themselves in “grown up” jobs, eager to establish roots in a city they love, and hungry for a sense of permanence in the midst of the constant motion that is life in New York City. However, buying an apartment in the city is a huge expense and a decision not to be taken lightly, leaving many families wondering if the time is right, how they know what’s “best” for them, and how to begin to understand the complexities of New York’s unique market. Read more
Postpartum Resources For New Moms  
You have a newborn…now what?! Pregnancy and preparing for birth can be so all-consuming that many parents come home from the hospital, swaddle their little one, and look at each other with equal parts helplessness, curiosity, excitement, and fear. As the days unfold, many parents find themselves in need of an expert opinion, the advice of someone who has “been there, done that”, or just a listening ear. Here are our go-to resources for new parents in the city. Read more
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